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iPad Mini Repair

Apple iPad Mini 4 Screen Repair

The iPad Mini 4 holds Apple’s newest tablet technology in a 6.1 mm thick, 0.65 lb design. With lighter, thinner design comes a more delicate device. If your iPad Mini 4 has a cracked screen, don’t panic! We carry quality replacement parts and have some of the industry’s most expert repair technicians. Don’t waste another day squinting through the cracks on your iPad Mini 4! Apple iPad Mini 4 Water Damage

A lot of thing can happen to your iPad Mini 4 between dragging it to and from the office or school. If your iPad is suffering from water damage, know that it can be fixed! Don’t spend an arm and a leg replacing your tablet.  Our technicians are specially trained to handle water damage repair in Apple tablets of all generations. We carefully scrub the interior of the iPad using ultrasonic cleaner with isopropyl alcohol and an aliphatic hydrocarbon. We then flush the iPad Mini 4 of any debris and replace any permanently damaged parts as needed. As this process is very intricate and corrosion of the motherboard worsens over time.

Will It Cost?

The cost of iPad Mini 4 repair services is dependent upon where you take the device. If you take the iPad to Apple, accidental damage will most likely not be covered under warranty.